Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fair's Fair

Sarah Palin may be unqualified for the vice presidency, but there's no question she did well last night. She can deliver a speech, that's for sure. No Dan Quayle deer-in-the-headlights look for her - she was aggressive and seemed authentic. It looks like this is going to be a dogfight.

Here are some more random thoughts on political matters. I swear I'll lay off this whole politics things soon ... starting next week sometime, perhaps, just after I do another few posts.

  • If you go entirely by Republican talking points, Sarah Palin has more governing experience than even John McCain. Maybe she should be at the top of the ticket, since McCain is just a member of Senate, and therefore, has no "governing experience," like Obama.

  • Is it really a good strategy to mock public service? Both Palin and Giuliani made sarcastic, acidic remarks about Obama being a community organizer. This may play well to the red-meat Republicans at the convention, but I sure hope it repulses regular Americans. After all, most Americans literally worship a community organizer.

  • It looks like Republicans are going after the special needs vote. However, I hope someone asks the question at some point: Aside from being in a special needs family, what is Palin going to actually do via social policy to advocate for special needs? I would guess cutting taxes and gutting social services isn't the right answer here.

  • I cracked up when Giuliani said that Democrats don't say "9/11" enough and they don't scare people about Islamic terrorists enough. It's like being criticized by a Turret's Tourette's syndrome victim who complains that you don't swear enough.

  • I can't believe Palin lied again about opposing the Bridge to Nowhere project. Democrats should jump all over that. As Al Franken might say, lying makes you a liar.

  • I've been mocking Republicans for their solution to the energy crisis, which I keep saying is "Drill, Baby, Drill." Now they are shouting that exact phrase from the convention floor, apparently proud that their best idea on energy independence is to drill for more oil. Again, I can only pray that regular Americans are very different from Republican convention delegates.

  • I'm fascinated by the news that Peggy Noonan is privately dissing the Palin pick, while publicly condemning Democrats for vetting her. I've always wondered if conservative commentators really do believe all the crap they peddle. I guess in Noonan's case, the answer is no, and that she really is just a Republican operative masquerading as talking head.

  • The more I see of Palin, the more she reminds me of George W. Bush. He was also a governor from a state that bordered a foreign country (so I guess we can dispense of the notion that it qualifies you to make good foreign policy decisions). They both come off as authentic and likable, but underneath it they are both religious arch-conservatives. And if Palin becomes president, you can bet she will have Karl Roves and Dick Cheneys pulling the strings.

OK, that's all for now. We'll see how McCain does tonight. In the meantime, I may order one of those Jesus shirts:


Jenna said...

Gosh, did you see those faces? I was frightened last night.

Underneath, I think Palin is a great for thinker...

Bozerg said...

First note it's Tourette's Syndrome. Secondly Palin scares me. George W. Bush had the same amount of "executive" experience as Palin does now when he ran in 2000. About 4 years. He was governor of the second biggest state in the union for one term, half of which he spent campaigning. Prior to that he had no significant political experience, except losing various political races. Even then he managed to beat McCain in the primary. Bush and Palin both appeal to people on that "sit down and have a beer with me" level. I think we should have that Cabinet position Obama was talking about for Romney to put your Republican nudniks like Palin and Bush in. And now let's meet Palin, new Secretary of looking good. Every Wednesday the public can enjoy beer, burgers, and creationism rhetoric with her on the South Lawn of the White House, while Obama works at undoing the damage caused by ridiculous Republican policies the last 8 years. The one other thing is if/when Obama does win, I hope he nominates a strong and independent Attorney General, something John Edwards is not. Checks and Balances are necessary, and that's more clear now than ever.

brownie said...

A. I like that shirt. Can you get me one too?

B. Unless you've suddenly swore off gasoline consumption completely, I can't really see your reason for criticizing drilling for oil, other than it allows you to attack the Repubs, I mean. Until you walk, bicycle or skip everywhere you go, I don't think you have much room to criticize drilling policy. (At a minimum, you should provide a reasonable rationale why your against it)

C. I'm still not going to vote. But I might buy you a pizza. (

PG said...

I can't figure out how to follow these blog comments without posting something myself and checking the "email follow-up comments" box.

Dan S said...

PG, I don't think there is a way to get comments emailed without leaving one. But feel free to leave one to get them. I'm enjoying watching the fireworks fly myself.

Brownie, I'm against drilling in enviromentally sensitive places. McCain himself said that drilling there is not going to solve our energy crisis, or reduce the cost of gasoline. Or at least he said that before he started pandering to people who don't understand that. What a Maverick.

We need to develop clean, green energy sources. Wind and solar primarily. I'd even consider more nuclear. Mostly we need to figure out how to reduce our dependence on oil, which is heating up the planet enough that we are going to be in big trouble if we don't have social policy immediately that gets us away from it. It's irresponsible to have an energy policy of "Drill, Baby, Drill."

Robert Sievers said...

Republican energy policy is not to drill at the expense of every other possibility. It is actually the opposite. Drilling is just one piece in a total frontal assault.

McCain did a wonderful job picking his VP. Someone with a lot of energy experience. Obama on the other hand, passed by a woman who got 18,000,0000 votes in politically crucial states. Talk about a lack of judgement.

Dan S said...

Bob, Republicans have been in power for almost 8 years. Where is this alleged plan for energy independence that involves something other than drilling for more oil and attacking a foreign country?

And Hillary comes with too many negatives to pick as VP. Obama's decision not to put her on the ticket was a solid one.

Robert Sievers said...


One of the reasons Bush's approval rating is so abysmally low is that conservatives aren't happy with him either. For example, I would give him a negative rating, becasue as you say, he has been in power for 8 years. We haven't seen the kind of changes to energy, education, and healthcare that we conservatives know will work.

Guessing about Hillary will only be a hypothetical question fromthis point. However, I can tell you conservatives were terrified of that possibility. I didn't see any way any republican ticket could have beaten Obama/Clinton. Now that VP's have been chosen, for this time this election cycle, I am confident of a repubilcan victory in November.

Picking an up-and-coming untainted running mate with McCain's sense of reform, strong conservative values (unlike Bush) was brilliant. The media is angry because they weren't on the inside. Besides, Palin assualts the very core of what the liberal feminist movement portrays as the only successful road for woman. This election will result in the largest advance for true freedom for woman since the right to vote.

PG said...

Dear God,
Please save us from the ongoing horrors of military injustice inflicted upon the world. Forgive us for our aggression and greed. Protect us from more years of the selfish and self-centered Republican sense of entitlement and anti-science, from the theocratic ambitions of these people, in particular from Sarah Palin who preaches censorship and denies freedom of choice to all people, even in their reading material. Thank for for those who ferret out the truth and seek the truth in all things, perhaps even in Internet postings such as the following.

Save us, O God, from the military hunger of John McCain and from this inexperienced and reckless politician, his running mate.

Thank you. Amen.

Robert Sievers said...

5"When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.

PG said...

James 5

1Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

2Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

3Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

4Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

5Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

6Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

Robert Sievers said...

Amen. What a great passage.

Indeed, by all means let us fight together to keep taxes low so that we may give as the Lord calls us to, rather than turning the duty over to Godless bureaucrats.

Let us rally together for the little ones, who never see the light of day. For Jesus said he who kills the littlest of these, kill Him.

Let us end the failed large government policies of the social liberals which as kept minorities in poverty, but rather let us each look to the interests of others as greater than the needs of ourselves.

Let's give parents the freedom to train the next generation with the wisdom of the Lord in our schools.

Let us strive to reduce the harmful indulgencies our society so freely tolerates in the name of diversity.

Preach it brother.

PG said...

Thanks for clarifying your position and your method of Biblical interpretation, Robert.

Now I understand better how Bush et. al. got into power.

I could argue your interpretation, but I don't debate what Bible verses mean with people. I will say, though, that your twisting of the verses to fit the Republican agenda seems utterly and irredeemably perverse.

Dear God,

Forgive Robert for his sins and forgive me for lacking charity towards him. Forgive our nation for its excesses and for the violence we carry out, often in your name. Show us the way to love our enemies, not kill them. Open our hearts toward the Muslims, the immigrants, the needy, the gay and lesbian, the men and women and families in need, the minorities, the underprivileged. Help us to fear not and to give of ourselves and our wealth without complaint. Help us to do that which is right in your eyes and not judge and condemn the specks in the eyes of others.


PG said...

The Republicans slavish devotion to the rich:

Robert Sievers said...


Do you believe in Jesus' words? If so, show me where He suggested that everyone work to get the Romans to help the poor and underprivaledged rather than having each person take the responsability of doing it individually. I will gladly come over to your side of the aisle if you do.

PG said...

Help me, somebody. I know Robert is correct in making a connection between the Romans slave culture and the Republicans, but beyond that, I'm lost. I can only compose Allen Ginsberg-style Howls in response or continue my orations to God. Robert and anyone else, I suggest we roll up our sleeves and take this discussion outside, away from the beleaguered Minor Mennonite. Go to and bring your most convoluted logic and juiciest anecdotes of the rich oppressing the poor and calling it good.

Dan S said...

No need to take it outside. I kind of like the bickering. Especially when I don't have to do it myself. :)

Bob, I really like that verse you quoted: "When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues." If you literally believe in these words, I can't see how you could vote for any Republican, because they do this all the time. See PG's link here for one example.

Also, I wasn't aware that parents are now prevented from teaching their children whatever they want. This is pretty outrageous. Can you cite an example so I can join in protesting it?

I also wasn't aware that paying taxes to pay for social programs prevents you from doing good deeds. I wonder if Jesus will use that as a criteria on Judgment Day.

Robert Sievers said...

Dan said "Also, I wasn't aware that parents are now prevented from teaching their children whatever they want. "

It's true. Our school has lost a number of families who want their children taught with God in view. However, they are discriminated against due to their income level, and are forced by economic necessity to have them submit to an athiestic worldview by the public schools.

PG said...

I finally get it. Robert is completely insane.

Say, don't the Taliban schools insist on teaching God rather than atheism, too? I think they rather hate atheists.

Or then there's Sarah Palin's teaching methods about God:

Now there's a school I'd want my kids to attend. Not.

Isn't there a Bible verse about not praying on street corners, blogs, and public school classrooms? Would somebody look that up for me please?

Robert Sievers said...


Don't be rediculous. I would never force your kids to attend a school where God is honored. I would not even create a system to manipulate them into it. My question is why you would want to do the same in reverse?

PG said...

Why would I want to... create a school... where... hmmm... Satan is honored... and force kids to attend?

I just can't imagine what you are talking about.

Do you really think public schools are hotbeds of atheism?

I'm a certified public school teacher, BTW. I sub in classes at all levels, elementary to high school. I just don't experience the atheism you seem to think thrives there. But I shudder to think that creationism would be taught in the science classrooms or that the very diverse nature of the classrooms here -- multicultural and many races -- would be squeezed into one brand of religious indoctrination.

All last year, a "moment of silence" was carried out in middle and high schools following the Pledge and the morning announcements. I thought it was great. The kids also seemed to respect it for the most part. Now they've gotten rid of it, apparently. IMO, it's a loss.

brownie said...

The Third Book of Tolkien, Chapter 9, verse (well, they're not numbered):

"And Frodo stood at the edge and saw that it was evil, and so he cast the wretched ring into the abyss. And he lived happily ever after to the end of his days."


No amount of evil or good is so easily identified nor so easily resisted nor so easily dealt with nor so easily kept at bay. Even Frodo gave into temptation and became what he abhorred, yet he was applauded (rightly or wrongly) for all the good he did do. Gollum was reviled and hated all along for centuries and yet without him, good could not have been accomplished; and only Frodo (and Gandalf) seemed willing to give the guy some credit.

Sooooo.... what have we learned from The Prophet Tolkien? Evidently, not much because we still bicker and argue over what is purely good or purely bad. That's why I STILL believe the greatest commandment The Nazarene gave us was "love thy neighbor as thyself"

Even if his name is Smeagol or Frodo or Saruman or Gandalf.

Nuff sayd.

Fingtree said...

Jesus said: "Go forth my children and eat thy cloned meat". That is my favorite passage from the balderdash bible. The book of Tolkien has got nothing on the balderdash bible.
I read recently that Sarah Palin is related to Jesus. Jesus and Mary Magdelene's daughter (Nedallah) had (3) children. The lineage of one of these three children lead to Sarah Palin's. I think it's great that she is related to the son of God, she will make a great VP because of it. Brilliant pick I must say by the 'Songbird' John McCain.

Robert Sievers said...


While I am not as cool as you are, I will give it a try. Let me know what you hold sacred, and I will try to make fun of it the best way I know how. Then we can really respect each other.

Fingtree said...

Of course it would be the golden cow Robert~

PG said...

i think you're cool roberto. without you, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun. i hope you are having fun, too. 'cause it isn't at your expense. it's a battle of ideas and ideologies, not personalities. (just like the presidential election, right?)

btw, i hold universal truth and cosmological bliss sacred. the love of god. and the words of lao-tse.