Thursday, September 25, 2008

Robots Rule

My weekly Smile Politely column is up: Why The World Should Be Ruled By Robotic Overlords, which is about why the world should be ruled by robotic overlords.

Actually, I originally wrote this up about a year ago, but it never found a home. Now it is a column.


brownie the nitpicker said...

You wrote: "our highest values, like “provide for the common welfare”" in your article.

I assume you are alluding to the US Constitution here. However, you have (predictabally) distorted this idea as it passed through the liberal lens of your mind.

The preamble to the constitution sets out that the purpose of the then new government was to "provide for the common defense," and "promote the general welfare."

NOT "provide the general welfare" which is a socialist idea, that would come a bit later in history.

I thought I'd mention it just because...well...I'm a bit of an anal jerk, I guess.


Dan S said...

nitty nat ninkompoop

If I had a robot army, I'd want it to provide for the common welfare. I'm not even sure how robots would merely *promote* the general welfare.

nitty nat ninkompooper said...

However they did it, the robots couldn't do any worse than our current crop of wraiths.

Still, I'd rather be hammer than a nail, so I think robots are bad. Wraiths may be voidless and controlled, but at least they're animate, and I can still aspire to grow up to be one day.

Dan S said...

All you need to become a wraith is to get stabbed by a cursed Mordor blade. Although you might need to be wearing a ring of power at the time. I'm not sure - Brownie, a little help here?

Wait, you might be able to do it by selling your soul too. Again, I can't say for sure.

brownie said...

From Tolkienology 322:

"...the process, while mystical in nature, is clearly one of domination by one being, unrelenting and powerful, over a second being, also powerful in it's own right, yet in it's foolish lust for greater power, ultimately becomes submissive and finally unquestioningly obedient to the first..."

Tim said...

See this great Onion video for a preview of Robot Rule: