Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Palin Pick

My Smile Politely column this week is about the Sarah Palin pick for VP, and is already out of date, as the stories about her continue to fly about at a brisk pace. It's available here.

Amishlaw's post from yesterday is actually much better, as it lays out a seemingly complete list of issues surrounding the pick. It's available here.

Even my brother Tim has a great post about it, and he rarely talks about politics. His is available here.

All in all, I'm finding this week's and last week's political drama more interesting than the Olympics were.


Robert Sievers said...
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Robert Sievers said...

Hey, I could be wrong. P. Diddy makes some case against Palin.


Best I can figure, since there are no crackheads in Alaska, she is unqualified.

PG said...

I listened to a Missy Elliott CD yesterday. Equally inane commentaries. "Stupid" gets a positive spin in some hip-hop circles, best as I can figure.

I guess when you're as rich as Diddy, you can be as stupid as you want.

In fact, I'd venture that, given how much money and capitalism are virtually worshiped by hip-hop culture in general, owning a lot of money is not only proof of intelligence, but highest virtue.