Friday, September 05, 2008

Ending With a Sigh

I think watching political conventions might rank right up there with smoking and swearing as a bad habit.

Nonetheless, I watched the Old Moose Lodge Meeting/Republican Convention last night to the bitter end, even though McCain had me dozing off a few times. Giving speeches is not his strength, as everyone points out. It's true that speeches are not critical parts of governing, but there are times when they matter a great deal, like in a crisis, or when the populace needs to be energized for some big task (like energy independence).

I'm surprised he is trying to take the "Change" brand away from Obama. I can't see how this will be effective. But then again, as I point out all the time, I didn't think this country could go to war against a country that wasn't threatening us, so what do I know.

Tom Toles sums it up pretty well:

I also don't see how McCain can continue to harp on putting country first and political ambitions second, while, in an attempt to secure his base, he nominates someone for VP who is completely unqualified. But, I guess you can say anything in a Post-Irony, Post-Logic world.

Speaking of post-irony, here's a snippet from the speech: "Russia's leaders, rich with oil wealth and corrupt with power, have rejected democratic ideals and the obligations of a responsible power. They invaded a small, democratic neighbour to gain more control over the world's oil supply, intimidate other neighbours, and further their ambitions..." Hmmm. I guess we are still a world leader, since other countries now feel free to follow our example.

In need of some sanity, I went to the Daily Show website late last night and caught up on a few episodes. Jon Stewart is a national treasure. He should be bronzed and placed in the Smithsonian (after the election is over though).


Jenna said...

The Daily Show has been fabulous the past 2 weeks. When Obama is president what will they write jokes about?

PG said...

Cassandra here.

The election is all about Sarah Palin now. It has been wrested away from Barack Obama and I don't think he will ever regain his footing.

Sarah Palin is George Bush. Like GWB or the Blues Brothers, she sees our presence in Iraq as a "mission from God." She wants creationism in the schools. Her utterly failed "abstinence only" education continues to be funded, to disastrous results. (See

I think it is quite possible that the Republican movers engineered and timed her nomination from some time back. The claims of her not having been vetted properly don't make much difference, considering how George W. Bush's background was filled with cocaine, drunkenness, and all manner of ill doing that was handily obliterated by the clever Rove operatives.

They knew they could spin any pretty face into a force that would appeal to the white fearful base.

The American public has a history of voting against intelligence. Barack Obama is intelligent. Push has come to shove and I'm doubtful he will win the election.

I predict we will have eight more years of James Dobson as president.