Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Can Levitate Too

The debate messed up my posting schedule. My Smile Politely column went up yesterday, but I'm just now linking to it: Obama Doesn't Flinch. It's poorly titled, because it's mostly about how Obama seems to know more about things that I'm supposed to know about than I do.

I have to admit that after the last debate, the election fire in me is starting to run out of some fuel. Maybe it's because I do treat it more like a football game than a national discourse, and Obama is starting to pull away in the fourth quarter. Anything can still happen, of course, but if nothing does, perhaps I'll start to be interested in other things soon.

Until then, the Daily Show continues to shine. Here are my favorites from this week:



Robert Sievers said...

My eyes have been opened.

I am going to try Obama's logic on people to see what they think. My barber charges $10 for a haircut. I am going to give him $9, and tell him the other $1 is for an out of work barber that needs it, because I would like to spread the wealth.

Next time I have a $20 dinner at Chili's, I am going to tell the waitress I am tipping her a bit less so that I can give the rest of her normal tip to an out of work waitress I know.

I expect great results, lots of kudos for my compassionate attitude.

Dan S said...

More like your barber charges $100 per haircut, and you pay it to him. He ends up making more than $250,000 in profit, so the government charges him an extra 3% on the amount above $250,000, some small portion of which goes to barbers who are out of work.

Why this is something to be scoffed at continues to baffle me, especially from Christians who are supposed to take compassion seriously.

PG said...

I thought Colin Powell spoke brilliantly this morning when he said, of course we have to pay taxes, we have to contribute to making the country work together (among the other great things he said in support of Obama). He, too, did not understand McCain's negative emphasis on taxes.

We always said communism was a bad system because some people were greedy, greedy for more and greedy for power. We said the book Animal Farm was a metaphor for communism.

But greed is the great flaw of capitalism, too. Animal Farm fits both systems.

And both systems have collapsed under greed.

The Bible is very clear about wealth and the accumulation of money. Render unto Caesar. Consider the lilies. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I'll be the first to admit money is something of a mystery. I don't understand it much. Sometimes I wish we had more of it. But I'm not going to complain. Life is a gift.

brownie said...


I couldn't have said it better. Good one.