Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preacher Threatens God

It's official - this blog has been abducted by the presidential race. I'm not necessarily happy about it, but I am expecting a ransom note soon. Unfortunately, I don't suspect the blog is worth much.

So, here's a short break from politician-based politics in order to provide some preacher-based politics. Preachers for McCain have now sunk to threatening God with His or Her reputation:

I can honestly say that if Obama wins the election and Rev. Conrad's faith is shaken as a result, that might be a good thing for Christianity.


PG said...

Don't count on anybody's faith being shaken, Dan. There's always a new rationale at the ready.

We live in truly surrealistic times.

Robert Sievers said...

Praying that God blesses a country by giving them a good king is nothing new. God's justice brought bad kings to Israel when they rejected His ways. He would do it again for the United States.

You can read Numbers 14 for a similar prayer by Moses.

Also, see Genesis 12:2-3 for a promise on how God will react based on our foreign policy.

The trend here is so disheartening. The only view that isn't tolerated is Christianity.

PG said...

We truly live in surrealistic times, and Robert Sievers is our own Salvador Dali.

Christianity is not "a view." You're thinking of that women's talk show on TV.

Dan S said...

God must really be pissed at America if the last 8 years is any indication.

[Badda bing, rimshot]. Thank you folks, thank you, I'll be here all weekend at the Ramada Comedy Club...

Patrick Gabridge said...

So, wait, did I hear this right? According to this guy, his god is on McCain's side, and Allah is on Obama's side, and he thinks this is sort of about my god is bigger than your god, my god can beat up your god? Sort of 4th grade philosophy, no?

brownie said...

Robert, doesn't the bible also say that we should follow the directions of our leaders no matter who is in charge? That they are put in charge because it is part of God's plan? If God didn't want them there in the first place, they wouldn't be?

That's what I was taught anyway. Not sure if it's right or wrong, but that's what I was taught.

In that case, if Obama is elected, then indeed it is God's plan being executed. And if extend this thought, then every leader is in God's plan, and if we go a little further, everything that happens is God's plan.

I used to believe in fate. No more, though. Life is what we make it. If we choose Obama, we get Obama. If we choose McCain we get McCain. I now believe it's just that simple.

I'm fading fast....

Robert Sievers said...

Free will and God's sovereignty are not mutually exclusive concepts. Many choices are wrong, but God is still sovereign.

And yes, if Obama is elected, I will still follow the law and pay my taxes. However, it will mark dark days ahead. Obama supporters want change, and that is exactly what they will get.

PG said...

I think that's a threat I can live with.

As someone once said, Bring it on!