Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Race Based Voting

Yesterday's post generated some interesting comments about who is voting based on race and who isn't. I want to weigh in, and have nothing else to blog about today, so will make it a blog post.

I think the question here is: Who casts votes solely based on race?

PG and I and others like that Obama is black. It's one of the things that makes us more enthusiastic about him, because he symbolizes a more tolerant America. But the thing is, we don't vote for someone only because of their race. For instance, I didn't vote for Alan Keyes. I highly suspect PG didn't either. Race is one factor among many.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reports out there that say that Obama is not getting votes from Democrats and union people simply because he is black. His policies reflect their positions on most things, but they are afraid to vote for a black person. And this doesn't even count all the Republicans who still cling to the belief that he is a Muslim. A friend of mine canvassed in Iowa and kept knocking on doors where people actually admitted they couldn't vote for a black person.

So, I think there is no question that Obama's race hurts his chances in general. Luckily, it looks like it might not hurt him enough to be defeated because of it.


Fingtree said...

It's a no brainer. We haven't transcended much in the way of race relations in this country. It's still 1964 in this area of the country. For anyone to attempt to argue otherwise is delusional. At least this election has brought it out a bit more in the open.

brownie said...

I think we've transcended race as an issue quite a bit. Enough at least to where we now have a black candidate, a black secratary of state and other high ranking minorites; something almost unthinkable, say, 60 or 70 years ago. I agree there are still plenty of closed minded and bigoted people out there, but if Obama does win the presidency, then I think the country has indeed changed a great deal in it's attitudes toward race. No, it won't be a perfect country, but then again, what ever is?

Fingtree said...

The only reason a half black man has gotten this far is because the the guy (administartion) before him is that bad.

PG said...

I wouldn't vote for Condaleeza Rice, and she's black AND a woman.

Pastor Mike said...

Hey, PG, I'd vote for Condaleeza in a heartbeat.

PG said...

Hey, PM, how have you been?

I presume you are talking about a Dick Cheney heartbeat... not to reliable, eh?

Nate said...

I partly agree with fing. Obama is doing well because the current President is not so great. Though the Dems in this country could have selected any of their other candidates to run this year.

Speaking solely from personal reasons, I do believe this country has changed. Yet also I think we have a long way to go in regards to race.

I personally find it absurd that anyone would even care what color or gender a candidate is. If you agree with what they are going to do when elected then vote for them.

If I were going to vote for Obama it would not be because Bush is bad first of all. Second reason, I don't believe that he has ever tried to hide who he is or what he believes, like a lot of candidates do. I have great respect for that. Third, I believe that he will do a much better job in the areas of education and health care than McCain. These 2 issues are very important to me, as I have 3 children. Last, I don't think that he will be the pushover that others would have us believe. I do not think that other countries will take us over if he is elected. I think if it is unavoidable he will fight. Biden has pretty much stated this already.

Fingtree said...

Did you see today's (10/29) front page pic and article of the local Journal Gazette? The picture and story of the road side sign of the Christian church in Harlan, IN. reading: "Do You Want A Muslim For Your President"?
This area in Fort Wayne remains in the stone age.The story was from 10/29/08, not 1964, I checked to make sure.

lls said...

As someone who will still be in the under-30 crowd come election day, I have to argue with whoever said that the Dems could have chosen anyone else. This was basically a Mac (Obama) vs. PC (McCain) campaign, among a generation that cares far less about race than its elders.

Fingtree said...

I encourage all to visit this site;

I know confidently that Jesus would have voted for the black man. Not because he was black as well, but because he would have been a Mac man.

joel said...

Here's a couple of good links from fivethirtyeight that show that just 'cuz they use slur, doesn't mean they won't vote for the man:



brownie said...


Yeah, I saw it. And it's part of what I expect from a cross section of people as diverse as America. You're gonna get the jerks and the liars and the racists right along with the progressives, the thinkers and the fair-minded. But if this area were truly in a racial "stone-age" you'd see those signs up everywhere, at every church, and no whites would have a second thought about them. Thanks to whoever or whatever that that is not the case.

There is always bad. There is always good. Yin-yang. Light-dark. You know the drill.


Fingtree said...

As you know, the Tree knows these things. I just have a hard time fathoming the mentality of these white wing Christians in this bible beltway. They are such hypocrite's.
~They never cease to amaze me~