Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Powell Says It Best

I've been unhappy with Colin Powell ever since he went to the UN and turned public opinion in favor of invading Iraq.

But, he is slowly redeeming himself in my eyes. Here he gives a devastating critique of McCain's campaign tactics, plus his enthusiasm for Obama is inspiring:


snarker said...

"slowly redeeming himself in my eyes..."

There's a real surprise!

Fingtree said...

Intelligibly spoken and reasoned, very impressive. He certainly exposes Rush Limbaugh for the racist Ass that he is. We already knew that about him (Donovan McNabb), but Rush's absurd attempt to paint this as a black man supporting a black man is confuted by Colin Powell's articulate and educated response. John McCain has revealed himself with this campaign to be the King of wish wash and a man of little substance.