Friday, March 07, 2008

Arrive en Bucaramanga

We made it to Bucaramanga without incident, and I´ve snuck into an internet Cafe while everyone is touring old Giron (which is right next to Bucuramanga). I must say that Bucaramanga is very fun to say aloud.

Actually, I am now being called away to go to lunch, so this will have to be an aborted post. More later...


PG said...

I chatted online with my friend Andres tonight. He just passed his technical engineer exam today. I think he'll be meeting you all tomorrow (Saturday) so if some guy comes up to you and starts jabbering and you don't know what he's talking about, that's probably him. As I understand it, you're going to Piedecuesta tomorrow.

dw said...

Dan--do you gents have particular prayer requests for tomorrow? We wanted to pray for Colombia in particular, given the political crisis of the week, and for you as you visit, and for the sister church.