Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bogota Transportation

What I should be doing is writing about the fair trade dried fruit company we toured today, or describing the displacement area we visited yesterday, or any number of other meatier topics. But, I'm too tired. Instead, I'll post easy pictures of transportation in Bogota.

The most numurous and visible are the taxis:

The taxis are cute, but they are no Tuk Tuks.

There are also motorcycles everywhere:

I was impressed at how they all responsibly wear helmets and vests with big numbers. But there is a dark side to this: There were so many drive-by murders by anonymous motorcyles, that everyone is now required to wear ID on their vests and helmets. I would expect it is pretty strict, since everyone wears one.

There are also packed buses everywhere, and plenty of cars:

Here's how we get around, quite comfortably, in our tourist bus:

Well, early tomorrow we head off to Bucaramanga. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get to an internet cafe there, so don't call the embassy if there are no new posts for the next few days.


sumonesmum said...

Please do write about the fair trade dried fruit company you visited (am I correct in assuming that would be Frutos de los Andes?). I work in a fair trade store that sells the product and would find it very interesting to hear what you have to say (pics would be extra nice :)). Just thinking of it makes me hungry for their dried mango. Yummy!

PG said...

There is an excellent Internet cafe (actually a residence) just a few blocks from El Divino Redentor. Exit the church and turn left, go to the corner and turn right, walk a few blocks (past the big intersection) and you'll find it. It's a guy's house with computers inside.

PG said...

On the other hand, it is going to be difficult for you to read my instructions on how to get to the Intermet cafe without first going to the Internet cafe.

Oh, well.

I am very curious to know if you got to go to the US Embassy in Bogota or if recent international events impeded that trip in any way.


Dan S said...

Sumonesmum - yes it was Frutos de los Andes, and I do plan to blog about it with pictures. Just need to find some time. I'm having experiences faster than I can type about them.

PG, only you could find an internet cafe that is really just a guy with computers in his house :) Actually, we are not staying at the church (wilmer is but Ken and I are not), but thanks for the tip anyway.

And, yes, we still plan to go the embassy on Tue.

By the way, everyone loves Pastor Gregory here :)