Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Quietness of Bogota

Bogota is big. When we flew in, I didn't see too many lights, but that's because the airport is on the edge of the city, and I was on the wrong side of the plane. Wikipedia has a good picture here that is too wide to put in a blog.

But for a city of 8 million people, Bogota is surprisingly quiet. We’ve been told that Colombians go to bed early and get up early, but at night in the hotel room, it is more than just quiet - there is complete silence. It’s almost creepy. There are no noises from cars, birds, air conditioners, heaters, dogs barking, or even crickets doing whatever crickets do. The only sound is the occasional random sentence in the middle of the night from a sleeping Wilmer. It makes it hard to go to the bathroom without bothering everyone.

With the general silence and occasional creaks in our hotel, it’s like being in No Country For Old Men, except without a determined psychopath hunting us down. I guess we were right to leave that bag of found money where it was.

Speaking of the hotel, here are some pictures of it. It reminds me of European hotels Jill and I stayed in during our trip to Europe almost twenty years ago.

Here’s the outside:

The lobby:

And our room, which is as good as three sloppy guys could hope to expect:

All in all, very appropriate for a Mennonite learning delegation - simple, not opulent, and very functional (showerheads are optional, though).


PG said...

Dan, that looks the same inside as the place I stayed, but not the same outside.

The Colombia/Venezuela situation is in the headlines here.

Neither Hillary nor Obama have responded to it well.

Keep us posted.


Dan S said...

What have Hillary/Obama been saying? I've been curious about that. And, dissapointed that the Democratic nomination seems like it is going to drag on.

Anonymous said...


Great to read your observations on Colombia/Columbia. Of friend of Ellyn's and mine whose wife is from Columbia visited us from Minnesota last week. He has in-law problems. Do you think that your trip brought you any fresh insight into Columbian in-law difficulties?


I like the photos of the Columbian boys swimming.

Hillary is stooping very low to attack Barack. Barack is in trouble because his pastor is a bit of a nutter. But really, aren't lots of pastors? Meanwhile 5 years in Iraq. I know nutty pastors must be a big problem, but so's our billion dollar a week war and torture in Iraq debacle.

Take care,