Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back Home

We've arrived home safely, without too many hassles. Wilmer and I had to take a taxi from O'Hare to Hyde Park to pick up a car that stalls at stoplights to be the final leg of our journey, but we got home before midnight. Wilmer claims that all his travels are this adventurous, and I don't need much convincing to believe him. However, he and I had a great chat on the way down, and reconsidered whether we shouldn't have been doing more of it during the rest of the trip. Poor Ken had to watch me and Wilmer type most nights, since we often got back to the hotel so late.

I am already feeling the oncrush of domestic responsibilities, as we are leave tomorrow for a week-long visit to Jill's brother's during spring break. I hope to post some more Colombia stories, but they may be slow in coming.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers and web responses during our time there. It was comforting to know everyone was with us in spirit.


Eric said...

Welcome back Dan! Wow, one trip after another....thanks for your entries to update us on your time in Colombia. I enjoyed reading them and seeing the photos!

rzmoyer said...

After being picked up by my brother around 8:30, I spent a few hours filling him in on the last part of our trip, went to bed at 11, up at 4, and headed to the airport. Going through all the lines at the airport rather smoothly. From when I got there to when I was at the gate only took an hour. Glenda picked up the tax exempt form which sped up the process, and she made sure that I knew what was going on. The flights to Miami, O'Hare and Champaign were uneventful. I was home by 7:30. Glad to hear that you guys got back okay, too. Have a good trip to Boston.