Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Images of Colombia

If pictures are worth a thousand words, consider this a 25,000 word essay. I have lots of other posts I plan to do about Colombia, but before I actually leave the country, I want to post a few random images.

Here's me, on top of Monserate, which overlooks Bogota:

Here's Wilmer on the phone in front of the Bogota Mennonite Church:
Here's Ken holding a baby:

This is JustaPaz, where we spent of lot of time:

This is near Bucaramanga, where one of El Divino Redentor's missions is:

Here's some Colombian boys enjoying a swim:
Here's Wilmer on the phone:

This is for Jill, who likes to take pictures of flowers:
This the truck that First Mennonite helped pay to deliver food:
Here's Wilmer hiding behind the truck, having figured out that we are taking pictures of him on the phone:
Here's LuentroLeandro and Andreas Daniel (Andres' brother). Leandro is the son of Pastor Israel, and both are friends of "Pastor Greg":

Here's Ken holding another, especially happy, baby:

Here's Wilmer on the phone:
Here's our lovely host family, in order: Julianna, Alba, and Valeria
Here's Ken and I with the host family:
Here's Wilmer hiding again while on the phone:

Another Jill picture:
A bridge amidst natural beauty:
Wilmer on the phone:

Our host family's apartment:

A neighborhood in Bucaramanga:

We are all getting tired:

When Wilmer was tired of talking, he would email:

Me, tirelessly working to bring news of Colombia to the world:
Our partners in crime:

I apologize for not including all the pictures I have of Wilmer on the phone. I don't want to slight him, but I'm guessing blogspot has a limit for the number of pictures you can upload.
As much fun as we had giving Wilmer a hard time, I must say that he did a great job grilling the US Embassy worker today. I'll post that story later.
We fly out early tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing my family, and drinking tap water.


rzmoyer said...

Well, thinking of Wilmer and Ken's likes mentioned in your earlier "Spanglish" post, do the number of pictures of each in this post mean that Wilmer likes his phone more than twice as much as Ken likes babies? Nice pics; we enjoyed them.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the great pictures -- and I'll be praying for y'all's safe travels home.

Tim said...

My laughter peaked at the fourth picture of "Wilmer on the phone," but there were continued aftershocks with each successive piece of evidence.

Very funny.

PG said...

Thank you -- Ken, Wilmer, and Dan -- for making this trip. You did a good thing.

PG said...

I'm also really glad you got to go to the Embassy and that one of you was able to ask the hard questions. Your presence in Colombia is "the politics of Jesus" in action.

Amy said...

Dan--I found an article by you in my church bulletin last sunday. Nice work.

PG said...

I think that may be a picture of Daniel, Andres' brother, with Leandro. It doesn't look like Andres.

Dan S said...

Thanks Greg for the corrections - I've updated the text. I keep getting Leandro's name wrong, but he is very gracious about it.

Amy, please tell me more about this article. I would love to know what it was.

rzm, it is hard to say who loves what more. I can say that Wilmer had more access to his phone than Ken did to babies, so it wasn't really a fair comparison. I can say that Ken seemed to not like his sunglasses, because he kept losing them as fast as he was replacing them.

Amy said...


To be honest, I don't quite remember the article title or content--it was a few weeks ago, and I have the memory of a gnat since I've started seminary. But, we have a little article in the bulletin every week, relating to Columbia, as we have a sister congregation there. I think the article is supplied by Justapaz.