Saturday, March 01, 2008

In Colombia

Wilmer, Ken and I have all arrived safely in Bogota. I’m even posting a picture of us to prove it, appropriately next to a La Policia car, so that Wilmer and Ken don’t get any funny ideas.

The flight down was fun. I was 3 rows from the back in the cheap seats, surrounded by friendly, happy Colombians ready to go home. Someone had their laptop up and playing latino music (is that the right term? Am I already being culturally inappropriate?) and folks were milling about, snapping photographs of the view and each other. I had an empty seat next to me, and someone put their large Elmo doll in it. Then the guy next to me put Elmo’s seatbelt on, and I tucked him in with my coat. That’s amusing in any language.

I decided to be honest on my customs forms and declare that I am bringing about 50 books that are not for my personal use, plus items that are plant or animal in origin (in the form of granola bars). Luckily, I was not punished for my honesty. When the customs guy realized I didn’t speak Spanish, he just waved me through.

Ken and Wilmer and I are bunking in the same hotel room. Dannie Otto claims I will have a lot more sympathy for him (Dannie, that is) after I spend a week with his brother Wilmer, as I will see first hand what Dannie had to go through growing up. So far so good, as neither Ken nor I have been traumatized by Wilmer. But, it’s still only technically the first day.

Tomorrow we get oriented, and get to know the other folks in the delegation. More later...


dw said...

Glad you're there. It already got a laugh at church when it was announced that the 3 of you were in the same room.


Anonymous said...

These 3 look like brothers...