Monday, November 24, 2008

Hillary as Secretary of State

It looks like Hillary as Secretary of State is going to happen. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it -- Crockhead had some pretty good thoughts last week. I've been trying to work up some emotion about it, but really, I don't care.

In fact, I guess it was the election I was addicted to, rather than the governance, because so far, I haven't really payed much attention to cabinet choices and such.

One thing that I must admit though: As mad as I was at Hillary last spring for throwing all that mud at Obama, it did seem to help him in the fall campaign. Rev. Wright was old news by the fall and the grilling he went through showed his moxy under pressure. When McCain tried to tie Obama to alleged scary people, it didn't work, because we'd heard it before, and the only people it mattered to were already going to vote for McCain.

I still don't trust Hillary much, but so far, I still do trust Obama to know what he's doing.


Fingtree said...

Sorry to digress from the Post heading, but all of this Sarah Palin hysteria, you remember, the conservative Governor from Alaska that ran on the McCain ticket as Vice President, sure has taken advantage of the Liberal media hasn't she? The so called "Liberal" media has made her a star!! (Shining star for you to see) I guess it's only a Liberal media when it's convenient to use it as a scapegoat for wining conservatives.
Back on the subject of your Post; Hillary will be less colorful than Condi. After their tenure, we may only be left with a "Hill of Rice".

Robert Sievers said...

Actually, zogby did a poll on the media. It wasn't the scandals didn't stick. It was that people who voted for Obama didn't know about them.

Dan S said...

If the media is so liberal, then how was Bush able to invade Iraq with their support?

And that poll you cited was a partisan hackjob. It asked questions like which candidate began their career at the home of a former weather underground and whose policies would bankrupt the coal industry, neither of which are true about Obama (and the last is as true about McCain). See the Wall St Journal (that bastion of liberalism) for a debunking of it:

If Obama had not known the number of homes he owned last summer, or Michelle spent 150K on clothes, you can bet it would have gotten all the play that McCain/Palin got for it. It's not the media's fault that McCain/Palin kept creating newsworthy gaffes throughout the fall campaign.

brownie said...

"... a partisan hackjob..."

Anything partisan is, in my opinion, a hackjob to some extent.

Truth is never partisan, therefore, partisans have a hard time seeing it.

Robert Sievers said...

Well, back to the topic at hand. The nomination of Clinton for Sec. of State is clearly unconstiutional.

Now I know all of you are concerned about the constitution, becuase there is always talk about Bush not following it. So now that you know, I expect the same outrage.

Dan S said...

It looks like the problem is that they raised the salary of cabinet officials last year by a few thousand dollars, which is what makes it unconsitutional for a senator to become a cabinet member. It also looks like if they lower her salary to what it was, that would make it constitutional again.

Certainly, they need to follow the Constitution. But comparing this nit to torture policy, suspension of habeaus corpus and "signing statements" is silly.