Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Get Too Comfortable

With the election over, I can finally return to some long-awaited worrying about useful things -- like robots taking over the world.

Many thanks to John O'Neill, for tipping me off to this:

Apparently, one strategy the robots will employ is to dance for us and make us laugh, so we will feel comfortable around them. Sure. Right up to the appointed time when they block out the sun with cosmic sky-eating death rays.

Here's another strategy:

The first entirely artificial heart should be ready for human trials 'within two and a half years', it was claimed yesterday. The prosthetic replacement would be fully implantable and could solve the worldwide shortage of donor hearts – estimated at 20,000 each year.

Under the guise of "healthcare," up to 20,000 people a year will be walking around with robot hearts. Sure, it will keep them alive for awhile. Probably just long enough to become an army of human puppets, waiting to receive instructions from their robot master controller to turn the rest of us into energy pods.

I think profiling and wiretapping are in order. Also, some kind of Gitmo facility should be created for them, disguised as a hospital or something.

Obama may bring hope and unity to the humans of the world, but what is his plan to confront the threat of evil robot overlords?

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