Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Search Mania 6

It's been awhile since I've subjected everyone to searches that internet users have used to reach my blog. It's another good batch this time around.

My favorites this time around:

"did the mennonites ever fight among themselves" - Yes, in fact, that is one of the defining characteristics of Anabaptists in general -- disagree on some minor point of theology or behavior and then go start your own sect.

"i was wrong about the doctrine of pre-emptive" - I don't know if this person was asking for forgiveness from google or looking for gloating opportunities. Either way, there are not nearly enough places in world where "wrong" and "pre-emption" are used in the same sentence, so I'm glad my blog can contribute in some small way.

"mennonite year of doing what you want" - That is the best idea I have heard in a long time. It may be time to start a new sect.

"mennonite toddler blog" - strangely apt for this blog.

"what happens when you marry a Mennonite," "amish mennonite sexaul ritual" and "mennonite and unmarried and pregnant" - Nice little object lesson when used in combination, buried right there in the search terms.

Here are the ones I've found most interesting in the last six months:

mennonites and cult imprisonment
peeing standing up bible reference
mennonite year of doing what you want
mennonite mania
do mice stink when poisoned
people who think media pressure is good
mennonites looking in the eyes
nice rejection letter nice sample
i hate Mennonites
america the good neighbor
jesus pluck out eye
corny the mennonite
mennonite random name generator
i was wrong about the doctrine of pre-emptive
mennonite vagina pictures
percentage of american men who pee sitting down
encouraging letter of rejection
what happens when you marry a Mennonite
dead mice and a children
consumerism Eisenhower
mennonite indoctrination
punctuation is meaning
how mennonite avoid taxes
mennonites skin colour
mennonites justice hunger
mennonite toddler blog
after atonement
parade magazine computer menonnite
biblical peeing on the wall
god loves you. everybody else thinks you're an asshole
are mennonite men circumcised
did the mennonites ever fight among themselves
minor rejection
prohibiting standing to pee
projecting worship songs on the wall
mennonites rule shirts
smelly Mennonites
amish mennonite sexaul ritual
mennonite home brain injury children va
mennonites burn every seven years
my god can do anything
trick to remember the 7th amendment
the sinner minor wife and their people
meaning of you have ruined me for other men
cute overload antidote
is governor palin a Mennonite
mennonites against mccain
they just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar
peanut butter is spaghetti sauce
taxing a windfall homerun
why she left and why she died song
i eat pasta sauce from the jar
mennonite tractor backhoe
feeling manly
mennonite mind control
mennonite and unmarried and pregnant
how to annoy socialists
is character assassination a sin

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brownie said...

I eat pasta sauce from a jar? Nice. It was good to see ya Dan. Happy Turkey Day (again)!