Thursday, November 13, 2008

More with the Apocalypse

My Smile Politely column is up: Hoarding Food for the Apocalypse, where I reveal my general lack of faith in everything.


brownie said...

" have all this unity..."
"...nuclear meltdown was always one Ronald Reagan finger-push away..."

I guess I don't mind so much that you are liberal minded, it's the fact that you're so predictablly and stereotypically liberal minded that tweeks me melon.

Take a chance, break out of the box, or the envelope, or whatever other household object related metaphor you like, and just be Dan!

For instance: What makes you think there is unity? Just because your side won? Don't you think that the other side now feels a great disunity where once they felt a great unity that you, at the time, felt was disunity? (Get all that?) In reality, there is now neither unity nor disunity; and oddly enough, there is both.

Or: Only in the liberal's mind would Reagan be responsible for blowing up the world. In a conservative mind it would've been the ruskies. In reality it would be both their fault.

Feeling it was time to get back to my old ways...brownie

Fingtree said...

My youngest brother has been one of those who has stored food and guns for the Apocalypse. He listens to a few of those programs on the internet that tell you to prepare for it etc..
He is always trying to get me to listen and buy into their rhetoric, I look at their message as no different than the wacko Rush Limbaugh program or Hannity.
If it would come to an Apocalypse, there is not a soul alive that could tell you how it will go down. For me, life is day to day in reality regardless, I'm not sure I would want to live in a drawn out Apocalyptic situation. I'm certainly not going to hoard for it to be the last man standing.
Nice story, as always Dan.

Dan S said...

Fingtree, is this the same brother who's ready for the rapture too?

Oh brownie. You are so predictable in your criticism of my predicatability. Welcome back.

Jenna said...

So black beans for dinner on Monday?

Good column. I just watched Jon Stewart talk about the conservative gun hoarding. For my brother, black beans would more effective than a gun (after he eats them).

Fingtree said...

No Dan, I am piggy in the middle. Older brother is rapture ready, younger is Apocalypse armed. Listening to those two go back and forth can be quite entertaining.

brownie said...

I guess I've totally spoiled my creds if that's the best level of response I can tickle out of you.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Dan S said...

Brownie, there's just too much loving unity in the world to argue about disunity.

Fingtree, the moderate middle man in the family. It sounds like guns should not be allowed at family reunions in your family.

Jenna, yes, we'll be eating black beans in the crawl space from here on out.

Fingtree said...

I would support a duel at family gatherings, but guess who would be the one to get shot....just doesn't seem fair~