Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Finally, hope and unity defeat fear and division.

I was doubtful, but am happy, and now very tired.

I put up quick column with a few election thoughts over at Smile Politely, scheduled to go up at 9:00AM. I'll link it here when it goes live, but after the victory party I'm supposed to go to.

Also, I'll post some other election musings later as well.


Fingtree said...

Hip Hip....Hippie Jihad!!
I can't wait until January 20th. Oh the irony of Dubya having to hand over the torch to a man with Hussein and Osama, oops, Obama in his name :-)
Jim 'Crow' never tasted so good

Robert Sievers said...

Well, looking at the bright side, at least now the media will never portray the negative side of presidential decisions.

This country is going to get just what it asked for.

brownie said...

I'm sure the Hoosier Repubs are feeling a little blue today. I too am feeling a little blue today. In fact, everyone in Indiana is feeling a little blue. For the first time since the 1964 election, Indiana is a Blue state. Hard to believe.

It's a much softer color than red.

Pastor Mike said...

It is a good day in that an African American was elected.

But you forgot something that we can finally, and hopefully, put away: 8 years of hate that the left have had against President Bush. I pray that those on the "right" side can resist the deadly snare of hatred. As it says in the scriptures, "do not let the sun go down while your still angry...and do not give the devil a foothold."

Fingtree said...

The "right" side didn't resist the deadly snare of hatred throughout the campaign. When the home State of the KKK goes to a half black man, the people have spoken. There is no worse hate group than the KKK and they vote Republican, you can bet on that.
How does it feel to be in the minority? This is the end of what the world outside and the so called left here, calls: "the arrogant era". For the ancestors of every Afikan stolen from their home land for the sake of slave labor or the white man's greed for cheap labor. For every black man lynched in ignorant hatred in the name of Christianity, I say rejoice, for it has been a long time coming. Those who feel they have some sort of self-righteous authority in the name of God to justify hatred or to attempt to point fingers hypocritically, have finally been served a dose of justice. In the words of Peter Tosh: "I don't want peace, I want equal rights and justice". Let it be.
Without George W Bush, this could not have happened, to use the left as a scape goat for this administrations incompetence is placeing the blame in the wrong place.

Dan S said...

This country is going to get just what it asked for.

Hope and Unity? I hope so...

Indiana truly is a shocker. I'm just...shocked. Wow.

One thing about the hate on the left for Bush, is that was based on his policies and actions, which tremendously increased suffering in the world.

On the other hand, the right's hate of Obama seems to be based on a caricature of him, just like it was for Clinton.

Pastor Mike said...


"There is no worse hate group than the KKK and they vote Republican, you can bet on that.
How does it feel to be in the minority?"

If you’re referring to the minority of thinking adults...pretty good. I hope you join us one day. As to who the KKK would vote for...I'm sure we can find a few KKK morons who'd vote for a great democrat senator like Senator Robert Byrd.

Instead of being so hateful to all of Christendom because of the actions of a few bozos, why not be grateful to all of Christendom for the great men and women who improved this society to make last night happen. Why don’t you start with the great Southern Baptist pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fingtree said...

Not sure how one could construe what I have said on here as hateful or how one could assume I am against Christianity. As Martin Luther King would have done, I am lauding or paying tribute to those ancestors of past wrong doing, injustice and persecution.
Having the title of a 'Pastor' as your blog name would imply, does not entitle you to judge others.

Pastor Mike said...

"Dont judge others..."

Awesome. Now what did Jesus mean by that? Did He mean that you shouldnt say some things are wrong and some things are right? No. In that same passage He commanded to look at the fruit of others.

Not to judge means that we are not to condemn a person (to hell for example). I'm not doing that.

Fingtree said...

Quite the Holy man Mike, Holy Macaroni~
Your bobble head may look good on a Muslim stick=+

Pastor Mike said...

I'm sorry I dont fit into your preconceived and over generalized idea of what a minister should look like, one that no doubt has come from the feminization of the American Church. I would suggest that you read a few of the epistles…maybe even Acts and pay attention to Peter. It is o.k. to be assertive and holy (which means set aside for God) at the same time.

Pastor Mike said...

Oh, and stop judging me you hypocrite (it’s also o.k. to be a minister and call a person a hypocrite. Read Matthew 15. Great passage). :)

Fingtree said...

Your scripture references are neither persuasive or impressive. When scripture is used in this type of banter, it is used as a handicap.
Your attempt to stick up for your friend Robert is commendable, for I am a loyal and protective friend too.
There is nothing you could ever say that could offend me, nor anything you could preach to persuade me. So give it up Holy Boy.
There are as many ways to live as there are people and as many ways to serve, be it your Jesus or Osama's Allah. Serving yourself while covering it up through scripture quotes, may get you only a swim in the sulfur lake of fire.

Pastor Mike said...

Well we will end it on that. I will say, however, if there are many ways to serve, then by default Jesus was a liar. If you will excuse me, I will go jump in the lake of fire you just condemned me hypocrite :-)

Oh come on...that was just funny now.

Fingtree said...

Just make sure your wearing a chemical rated wet suit Mike and you just might make it across the lake. Please let us know what's on the other side. :-)